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Do you care about American CS?

I'd like to see your honest responses :)


not really, no.


MecH- wrote:
not really, no.

me too :D




When there is more than one team attending an event, and places first, and can place top three at several, then yes, I will care. Until then, they make NA look weak and easily defeatable.


Not since end of 2006.


At the moment, no !




Na !


rAnkw0wisnoGouD wrote:
I don't give a shit about USA.

u`r right man ^^


Yes, coL is always interesting, not matter how they play, for me they devised cs :P
EG too, n0thing one of my favourite players, so I really care because I have more reasons to care about CS in America ;)


its time to care more!!!!!!!!


No, it doesn't.


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