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Best cs movie ever ?

best cs movie ever ? =)


anhiliation 2


yup, anhiliation 2


szmexx wrote:
yup, anhiliation 2


i dont have one fav but here are some
spawn still mighty, anhiliation 2, the NoA, EoL, aAa and mouz movies, n0thing but headshots


zyllee on westwood ^,^


For me:
NoA - The Two Continents
NiP - The 5 Giants
The Underground 1, 2, 3
IEMIII European & Global finals




EVE is awsome! :D best cs movie ever.
now if you are talking about frag movies, then annihilation II is good, i agree with all these guys.
but eve is the best ^_^


JAEGARN - Enemy Of The State


annihilation II and ~*OldsQooL*~ NiP Hard Wired :P


annihilation II


SpawN - Still Mighty


around the world


oui: hardcore is over


annhilation 2


SpawN still mighty and SK believe the best videos :)


BOMBSIGHT 1, BOMBSIGHT II not much editing,but really nice frags;]


Sk Believe


Annhilation 2 and 1


anhiliation 2


Anhiliation 2
Just a Deagle
Pubmaster 1/2 :P


ArChi_ wrote:
Anhiliation 2
Just a Deagle
Pubmaster 1/2 :P

That's all :D


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