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How u train your aim & brain?

CSDM offline bot s for aim.
Demos for brain.


play alot with focus on your aim , after a while you will become faster and faster =>>>>>>>>>>>


Go to the gym and lift some iron.

Oh wait...


6x4 reso , small crosshair , dynamic 1. and go go go


Aim , brain , is a standart (team play & tactics 4ever)


podbot for aim


before playing cs;

15 minutes HSDM and 30 minutes CSDM = aim
watching 2 or 3 demos = brain


Playin' some CSDM/pcw and watchin' demos


wh: for brains
aimbot: for instant headshots


brain : in every situation , scrims , pugs

aim , dm , aim maps

watch demos for both things


watch demos,and just focus and practice,practice,practice :)


in deathmatch 4 hours per day


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