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i'm changing from ms 3.0 to razer deathadder, am i doing a good change?





3.0 has slighty better tracking then deathadder, though you won't notice it. In terms of form, the razer is almost an exact copy of the intelli 3.0

IMO its nothing more then a waste of money since they are almost identical to eachother.


I switched from a MX518 to DA, and noticed two things that really annoys me (been using it for 8 months now though.) Its slippery as fuck, cause of the sides. And it got nuts correction. even worse than the 518, allmost considering a 3.0 if not for the 400dpi (too used to 800 in windows, used that with 518, and 1800with da, but winsens 3/11)




stay with your 3.0, my deathadder died after like 5 months and + 3.0 has better tracking device they're pretty much the same thing a lot less cheaper 32.99 > 59.99. Keep the IME 3.0


no good change because 3.0 > DA




Deathadder is a great mouse, used to have mx518 for 3 years. And yes I have also tried the 3.0, the shape is kinda identical, but I have to say da. your choice anyways.




death ofc


i have deathadder but i think 3.0 is better i dont now ...


i'ld pick DA


yes is a nice change :)


no ...

ms 3.0 & mx518 best mouse


3.0 tha best!


not true you will deffinately notice the deathadder tracks crappy i cant even make 1 single fast low sens move orit will go straight up or straight down.


you obviously do know :P


If u want to do it , do it
both mouses are very good , but the only thing is matter is ur hand..
Which mouse is better for ur hand , if u try DA and he done job succesfully bought it =)


3.0 simple.


ime 3.0 is better than da


yes buy deathadder


3.0 best mouse!11


What criteria with do you think that 3.0 is better than DA?
ME 3.0 is older - yes, that's the only reason why such a lot of people prefer precisely this mouse, cuz in its time it was healthily with his optical sensor.
But now there are now released many mice, that are not inferior to 3.0
For me DA is more comfortable.
DA - my choice


nooo deathadder is bad!....


IME 3.0 ofc




ms3.0 steelseries edition ^^


yes ;o


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