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About recoil.

What happend to Steam.exe and hl.exe?


U arent so smart to understand it.Sad.


maku7 i don´t understand what's special in your recoil :o


HeatoN > You


cl_lw doesn't affect your recoil, only what you see, it makes your game draw everything client side, so you don't see what the server recieves.


Anti Recoil and let me guess he wants you to download a keylogger so he can take ur account!!! kids smart but ive seen smarter


i bet u cant do it on lan why cuz you will shitttzzzaaa in you pantttss boyyyy lolol kid is tring to show hes recoilll lol this is useleeess


i written how to.
Hack by youtube HAHAHA your so fucking lowtard i have ever seen.Go learn something abouts computers bcos u are so fucking lame


This is the shittest thread i ever saw


Whys everyone talking about me?


I understand where maku is coming from he is not using an illegal config settings or recoil hacks. He is just stating that if you optimize your PC to get CS to run the best it can be it will help with your recoil. Now after playing the game after 6 years I can say that is true and false. It will not change the actual recoil in the game, but what it will do is make the game run smoother so you think that your recoil is better.

I just watched his demo in the deathmatch and his bullets and recoil are normal




Very nice recoil




hmm... can u make tutorail movie how did u get so big recoil?


Lol , i try to recoil myself :D and i will upload demo,say if i have bad good or very bad recoil :D


Really on my comp when i play newgame i can do recoil like this from more distange...i now try,but much harder when play on some match online,when my ping is 70 and more... :(


theres this A4tech mouse that actually reduces recoil in FPS games(sorry i 4got what model it was)
ive used it before and it works quite well, you don't need to fight the recoil that much, and on burst fire it works wonders. i didnt buy it thou, coz it felt like ur mouse is a hack.


it's your own server, nothing excited


Nice :P


cl_lw 0 ? haha ;) looks like that ;)


nice recoil




most of the people that comment here don't know wtf they're saying.. sadly.
read previous comments please, it's all explained.


how do you do that ?


Nice :p


nice :)


I did 50 post above.


I've got the same recoil and not on a lan server =], pm me if any1 wants a demo! :)


all you need is
rate 25000
updaterate 101
cmdrate 101
interp 0.01

and that's all, lol.


Recoil is way how do you control your crosshair.


KENDO wrote:
Recoil is way how do you control your crosshair.

Not sure.


w1p3r wrote:

Why u are talking about fucking cl_lw 0? i did demo without


The recoil depends on you Config and server.


revn wrote:
The recoil depends on you Config and server.




The recoil dependes on you config


darwin9 wrote:
cl_lw 0 and cl_lc 0 es legal????
lol sure


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