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what sensetivity is best?

what sensetivity is best? i youse 1.0


STFU there is a lot of fuckin' threads like that


i use 800 dpi 3 sens noforcemacell or 1600 dpi 1 sens noforcemacell


fuck you fag.


1800 dpi , sens 3.5 :S


this is really stupid thread,every1 choose sens which is the best to them u can ask tht ? :DDD if i say 20


--' on my IE 3.0 with -noforce commands i use 3.6sens


ime 3.0 1.8 sens 6 windows sens


depends of the mouse :3
I use 2.3 :D


omg..... there is no "best sens"..... it's only a personal preference ^^


Depends on many factors... each player is different...

I use 1800 dpi - 2.1


there are no best... only best for u ))


Depends on your mouse, DPI settings, hertz, mousefix or not, winsens and so on..

I use the Microsoft IME 3.0 with 6 as winsens, no mousefix, original XP mouse driver and 2.4 in-game with -noforcemparms and -noforcemaccel in "set launch options".


i use 4.0


3.0 for me


800 dpi , sens 1 ; mousefix: on


i use 1600 dpi - 1.3; zoom_s - 0.83


1-5 I guess


winSens 6/11 Ingame 4


3.6 for my mouse


3.5 for IE.3.0


this is so stupid question! i mean it depends on ppl...different ppl different sens,food,game,car, LOL xD


Dpi 450 ingame 3.2 and windows 3 withenchance


hahahaha what a stupid thread ... if you dont know how to find your sens stop with cs , play pikado :D


1.9 2 sens


mouse:400 dpi
in game:1.0


Razer Krait:

Ingame sensitivity: 1.0
Windows sensitivity: 3.0


mouse: 800 dpi
ingame: 2.5
windows: default


windows default, Mouse 400dpi, CS, 1.0 dpi


1800 dpi
in-game: 2.666
razer deathadder
no mouse drivers


Its all preferance!


This is again a matter of personal preference !


1.7 for me


3.5 for me


... one of the idiotes threads l ever read:D


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