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I need your help!

Heya fellow SK citizens!
I need your help with getting votes for a King of the Hill match over at a Swedish site called

The only thing you need to do to help is go to this link:
and vote on team RNG to face the current Kings of the hill!

thanks alot!
- fisker


What i win with vote?


@Boozywoozy lol
we dont vote without money
i just work with money
no money no vote...

lol lol lol so nerd


Soo im votes :P


I voted just because of brunk- not you fisker! ;))


lol noob!!!


I won't vote.


u win bds nude pics!


Already done that. Haha 1% from the firstplace :)


@Booztwoozy lolololol :P
If you don't?


bsd nude pics? lol
fisker and your long and glitter hair.
some guys told me that you make the party to the all inferno-online guys.
you make they happy, they said that after 00:00 you put alot of glitter in the IO and makes a naked show to the guys with your gay hair


thats supposed to be a secret!!!!


@fisker lololololololol


you have my vote gl


Dont forget the .jpg later


you have my vote GL :D fisker


Klart man röstar på er ^^,


i vote but i want fisker nude pics not bds nude pics :P:P:P


samo za pare brate :D


voted!!! now...BDS NUDE PIX!!!!


ahhahahaahah fisker the greatest! voted bro!


ahhahahaahah fisker the greatest! voted bro!


fisker wrote:
u win bds nude pics!



not voted :))))


fisker wrote:
u win bds nude pics!

hahaha lol ;)


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