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Should SK put up servers?

Woulden't you like if SK put up some pubservers or maybe makes some tournament for us sometimes? :))

What do you think?


Yes;D ofc


YEs, make a server :D


Yes, that would have been nice.


yes but Iam sure they will be full in a minute and you got to wait 1 hour to join -.-. But nice thread yo.


like other popular servers, just got to wait and grab a luck 4 the slot heh


true true :P






ofc yes




Hell yeah!


yes !!!


a dm server would be good


Didn't bds say that servers are coming back when SK Insider is?


good idea :D


Hey, thats a pretty good idea. They should put up atleast 2 servers. One deathmatch and One Mapcircle ! Good thread man!


if sk gaming make servers the problem wouldnt be that they would be full in a minute cuz sk gaming has the money to make/buy more that 1 server






yes !!!


yes :D why everyone says yeS?


NO! :P


yes pls! dm would be good!




yea game hosting then :P


Go go go!


I think SK will put up Insider Servers and give some trial days )


no ofc


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