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48 -> 47 Protocol Demos

Simple question : How Can i convert demos from protocol 48 -> 47 and vice verca ?
Ways i tried

1. CsDemoConverter - Not Working for 48 -> 47 - if i use viewdemo i get WARNING Illegal Server Message, Wrong Parse and stuff like that, if i use playdemo i just get "playing demo from 123.dem" and that's it nothing else happens

2. Tried installing a cracked protocol 48 on my non steam moviemaking cs, i can join new protocol servers but still can't watch the demos

3. I don't want to buy a new steam key just to make some clips =/ I use a non steam version for moviemaking

So what else is there to try ?


Well i play to say ESL with my steam and i make a pov on protocol 48 and i do an ace to say, but after that i want to make that ace a movie with my CS for moviemaking which is non steam protocol 47, that's why i need to convert them.


ChieF doesn't work with that


copy on cstrike open program select demo and select protocol converting 47 ... OK


Nope... SKPlayer shows that the demo is protocol 47 but if i try to play it i get Illegal Server Message Illegal Parse and some more errors and CS Crashes...


use col demoplayer, u can play cs1.0-1.6(47 and 48) demos with ur steam


Veno, yes but the problem is that my Moviemaking CS Is non - steam and i don't want to buy a new cd - key just so i can make some movies...And i can't use my original Steam cause for movies i use hud removers, detail textures etc.


ah ok....I didn't know that...
I remember there was a convert software but I forgot the link, sry.


actually u can use that and delete ur conter-strike folder after ur movie's done... that won't take much time to recover ur cs back to normal


well yes that's a alternative but it's like disturbing to do that again and again :p although i could make like a folder for MM CFG's and models and a folder with Normal Game CFG's and stuff and just do copy del copy


that's wot i thought, :)




compLexity Demo Player


I would simply ask my mate to lend me acc for hour or two and make the footage on his acc... it wouldnt effect onto your settings and it would be very simple (due to hlae) =)


install non steam protocol 47 cs 1.6

and then do your frags and killing on your protocol 48.

i wish i had a steam cs 1.6

but yeah i play non steam with sxe injected :)


yeah only thing i could do here

mongolia is isolated from all the good stuff
and steam id probably get 100+ ping on most servers.

but hey i get 3-10 ping online :)


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