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Your favorite position?

nuke outside
inferno middle
dust2 short
train a
tuscan kitty


fy_poolday in the pool ^^


dust2 --> Bombsite A


I think 69


the spoon


all places in map))


dust b
inferno house
train b
nuke b


nuke ramp
d2 short
inferno a ;D


d2 short, inf house, nuke door, train left mid/stairs


dd2 - short - m4a1 - they just come on your crosshair :D


D2 mid, inf mid right, train left mid, nuke ramp


Inferno house :) loll haha :)


fav, 69


MILL stairs with m4 or awp looking down there in to 2 GG :)


Train Small side with awp


dd2 with Terrorist team B with AK47 only with Counter-Tertorist RMP Rush with M4A1 only. :)


dust2 - b
inferno - b
nuke - A


de_dust2 whith awp ramp


d2 near the box, waiting for bastard to come outta long, then sprayyy :D


nuke yard


de_dust2 A-site, and de_inferno A-site


train - mid


nuke - ramp
inferno - cross
dust2 - mid
train - alley


nuke radio+upper yard
dust2 middle A long+ramp
inferno b
train the ladder


De_dust2 : B !
De_inferno : B !
De_nuke : Radio !
De_train : A !
De_tuscan : B !


d2 short/b
inf b/house
nuke ramp
train b
tuscan a




Train, Z- mid


Nuke(door) with ak :>


Missionary - semi-automatic


De_inferno - CT at X2 with M4A1/Awp


inf CT x1


I love ak without a difference into place


Inferno B ct


de_inferno + sit :D




dust2 sc
inf mid
nuke rmpe


dust2 - long
inf - house


DUST 2 - B
INFERNO - B, house
NUKE - ramp
TRAIN - B, 0


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