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Mp5 or Eagle ?

eagle :P

one shot =one dead :D


depends, defensive = deagle... but on some maps mp5 @ terrorist is good too : )))))))))








deagle is better but to use it right, you must have changeless and accurate hand !!


deagle ;);)


deagle bOOm headshoot


dgl_- :x


For me Its Mp5 ... :P


Deagle = Terrorist
MP5 = CT


EAGLE pooowwaaaaah!




DeGLe :)))


eagleee of course :D


deagle, but for players who have good reflex :)


mp5 ofc


i think deagle


this thread exists -.-
mp5 is better


If you are a good aimer is eagle.
But mp5 is best. I love one rush with mp5 :D




deagle :)


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