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some moviemaking questions:P

im new in moviemaking and have just easy question i wanna know:

1.) i saw alot of wallbang movies..
Q: how can i film the enemy who i killed through the wall for example?

2.) How can i film myself in 3rd person and how can i film the action that is going around me?

3.) How can I use HLTV models for my movie?

thats it please dont flame for maybe those "newbie" questions

hope u can help me:(


stupid questions

1. record frag without wallhack, then re-record it with wallhack
2. if you wanna convert POV demo into HLTV type in console dem_fixhltv 1 and then load demo again
3. why do you need hltv ffs? its only hltv type of demos


zedi u nub :D


Hltv models hahahaha you really got ideas :D Too bad youre cured now xD


fuck you all this thread is hellold:D


help him :(


dudes this thread is so old
i solved all problems so dont reply/help anymore :D!!!


aaaaaaaahahahahaha zeddy u SUCK! :D:D < 3


help him :(


why doesnt anyone help him? sad, sad :S


brezimenko wrote:
why doesnt anyone help him? sad, sad :S


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