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« Previous1Next » Sinnetjes hacks @ esl

hahah sinnetjes busted from i think, movie from



:O downloading


lmao.. bit bullshit.. but u never know.


lol downloading


ive heard from various dutch players he cheated in nl scene, but that videos pretty poor evidence imo, anybody could put xspectate on somebody and they would look bs.


doesnt look like hes cheating there apart from one clip wheres hes shooting the lagged out guy from meat grinder / radio...


movie has no sound, just looks like a normal ramp player wall banging as per usual..

only dodgy thing at all is the shooting at the lagged out player, if these very few short clips from a whole game are all that you can record of him 'cheating' then its very unlikely he actually was.


cheated in the dutch scene, tried to play in uk teams and blagged that he pld for dig blahblahblah got busted, now playing with a mix of spastics from different countries


rofl, you legend!!




still waiting for the demo as its not me we with catalyst have played 1 esl match against other guys on INFERNo and pls give me the Matchlink of ESL Zuipschuit thx

gl with posting this on evry site tho ull need it


virus ;d





downloading =)




its not a cheater just a sick player with a sick aim


we should get Kritikal for this! or wilz00


very poor evidence for cheating imo. the lagged out player was a bit dodge though, so you never know


So fucking nice! :D




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