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clans = tags and names =)

In these thread write your clan name and tag.
My clan tag is nEw'C / and name New Champions.


You are stupid!!??
I create this most because CW you didnit understand it and dont spam anymore.


omg bullshit


Sorry I am new I don't know really how to use forum if this topic is not interesting please don't spam.Sorry for my english :)


this is the most pointless post i have ever seen
1) i loled at ur tag i mean its a mess
2) nobody cares about what ur clan is called its how you play
3) stop going @people cuz u look like a moron
4) my clan name is insOl and tag is insOl ~
5) ur spamming the forums just like everyone else who writes a post ak or m4 or best usper or your favourite team.
6) this topic is in no way interesting ecept from the fact your clan tag is a mess
7) and my guess is noone has looked at this thread in the way u wanted because ur a mess


Basically everything what he said. ^


you wanna copy our names and tags?


No dude ^^
I have my clan but I wanted to see who want's match nad to type he's clan many of them didn't understand me :)


RP* // nick



intuitioN # Nick. or -N- Nick


intuitioN # Nick. or -N- Nick


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