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Will 2009 Be Great?

Do you think 2009 will be great for gaming?

Some great new CS teams on the horizon, and lots of tournaments still to play.

Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (we hope) coming out

What do you think?


Yes. SK have a new lineup with zet. And i think Budak said that SK 2009 are gonna be like SK 2003 :)


Ofc , what question!


2009 will be a great year to all of us gamers


Hoping for the best :)


I hope 2009 will be GIANTS! year =D


could be! they are a pretty great team, we'll have to wait and see!


kurukq: time will tell :)


hm hope that some german teams like can do something:>
like mousesports..good team they have;)


i hope


YA like EG has new team emerged


It will be a great year ;D


I hope so xD


2009 will be fnatic's year :D


I think 2009 will be awesom !


i hope that JMC rips everyone lol and SK ladies too


Dont worry 2009 will be great.. bcoz Sk will own all tourneys.... no doubt./...


we all hope so ;))


2009 will be greater & tougher year!

hope to see Fnatic back to their form & hope to see the new EG squad outstanding play


ofc it will :)


yes it should beee


we will see ;d


i thing 2009 will be VERY great


neah 2009 is gonna be best :X for all members


I hope so man... :)


i hope tu be the best year


Will see :)


Well, me and four mates are going to be rolling in a new team here in Romania so beware, it's something not to joke with!


Well, my clan is going to be in CZ at the top ^^
and i hope that a new counter strike comes out. I've heard some rumours about COunter Strike 1.7? If there is gonna be a new Counterstrike i gonna play it from the first day!




2009 looks promising with CGS dead and lots of old school players coming back to the scene, but hopefully the financial crisis doesnt affect the esports community too much. :( looking forward to this year!!!! hope to see all of you up and about this year! :)




ofc it will


Ofc, why not? :P


dont know, dont know... hope that it'll be great, but looking the new situation of the sponsors of gaming ( eswc without nvidia and mtw, amd) maybe will be a hard year!


simply better :)


i hope so


it will be awesome


thats what i hope.


CPL is comming, why shuold 2009 not be great? xD


yes it will be great


America is back in CS 1.6. Should be an interesting year


I hope 2009 will be great, I want to wish good luck to fnatic and SK, especialy my favourite players: Walle and f0rest...See ya 8=)


i hope


2oo9 a great year for E-Sports! A Great year for SK


ofc ! :)


will see


ncie nice


hope that 2009 would be an interresting year.




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