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Best Fragvideo Ever?

I think its Sad Sick Bombsight


underground series


Underground 3, no doubt :D

Sad Sick Bombsight is good also


dodge this, is very good :D


n0thing but headshots


Adrenaline 2, bomb sight is a hacking/fake video, move on.


SK belive is a good one also



Agree with u


n0thing but headshots


n0thing but headshots, fury 3, SKILL.EU & dodge this




*****n0thing but headshot's**********
ma fav cs frag movie ever....


n0thing but headshots and sick sad bombsight =)
but I also love SK - Believe and SpawN - Still Mighty =)


hard clan - die hard =) if anyone remember


hard clan - die hard was sweet. but at the moment i really enjoy underground movies and frod the clairvoyant, that turns me on (H)


Bombsight is fake, so I think SK - Believe part 1 & 2.


they are lots of gaming videos but really sick sad bombsight are cheaters they use Cd hack it;s true so dont apllow them ;]


n0ting but headshot or sick sad bombsight


Fury 3
n0thing but headshot
Underground 2 and 3
And sk-believe of course !!!


underground FinaL!


underground 3


n0thing but headshot


col - armagedon


Annihilation 2

♥♥♥ ;D


WEG master


Sad Sick Bombsight
for sure the best frag movie for me


Anihilation 2


Ruination is the best


Single Gaming 1,2,3 :)


k1duLT wrote:
Anihilation 2


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