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Pls help meeee vid with shaGuar

Hi there, I had 15 or 16 when i saw document about Griffin "shaGuar" Benger..It's was about his life and CS 1,5...At the end he ride with his father to LAN party and with his team they win you know sth about that? i cant find it:/


?:P:/ lolalaol



thx man you safed me..:P:)))


Mind seeing this years ago, quite sad in many ways.


i dont know :/ this video made me sad on some ways ... not to happy .. simply . nO comEnt!


-----This video was made the father of a profesionnal gamer a few years back. He didn't like the fact that his son played video games for hours on end.. so made a documentary.. Ps: after this video was released they didn't talk for a few months-----

srry for double post ... :S


yes, but it is also about that how one of the best players started...yes, at the start nobody knows sth about vid-games and today? Its different, some parents take it easy.....


does he still play?
i mean shaguar


damn sweet man, thx Thorin!


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