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who is the best awp ?

who is the best awp ?
where i can take his movies ? ty :d




me of curse.


sunde solo


The best awp player was SpawN in thats times.. now i think is Walle.




Really depends who is playing well on what day. I've seen walle dominate sunde, ive seen sunde dominate walle. I've seen frod dominate tons of teams, then get dominated by the russians, or a random team. All time it has to be johnny r. He had the best reflexes, which just made his awp deadly. He is the only player that i know of who teams would try to avoid by attacking the site he wasn't playing.


i think cogu and neo...


hmmm cogu & walle ofc!




Walle is quite good with it.






walle & Sunde




i best




cogu & walle


walle ofcourse :D




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