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Monitor & Aim

I had a question I'm hoping somebody can answer.

Most LAN competitions these days use LCD monitors.

From what I know, LCD monitors only go to 75 hz. So, say if my team was preparing for a LAN and I was on a CRT monitor....should I set my hertz to 75 to make it seem like an LCD?

I play on 640x480 with 120hz -- my past experience I've seen that different monitor hertz effects aiming & sensitivity.

Do the pros play on 75 if on CRT?


its ok
lcd's are better


With A CRT Monitor , When U Get Flashed It Clears Quicker So Therefore It's An Advantage.


CRT Are bad for your health ! Couse the Radiation thats come out from the display! But LCD my also have a Defect as well... But Im playing with Samsungs SyncMaster 226BW (22" widescreen) And It works fine and Its a better picture then u get on CRT.
I´ll say play with Lcd


I think you have VGA plugin.


play Crt =D


playing cs = crt xD


crt are the best i play just like @640.120hz but at wcg 2008 i heard that they are playing on some kind of lcd samsung 100hz


CRT is better then LCD, just play on CRT :) and play @ 100 hz ;p, with -freq 100 and -refresh 100


If you know you're going to be playing on LCD's at a LAN or something, changing your hertz to 75 will make the transition a lot easier. It wont be exactly the same but a whole lot closer than continuing to play at 100+ hertz for sure.


well 75hertz on crt.. won't be as nice on the eyes like 75 on an LCD..

i've learnt how much just moving my mice over my whole mousepad can turn (on each map i've learnt spots where i can check how much i can turn). but yeah, i haven't been to too many lans.


tft is enough for cs


don't focus on monitor so much, try to think more about the game. ''Do the pros play on 75 if on CRT? '' no they don't.


f0rest the best :D


jeez ppl, get a life.. cmon.. :/


ReeMI u are stupid ;)D)D)D)D

LCD suck's !

CRT 17" 800x600 full screen

dU- if u play on LCD use run windows




play CRT, LCD monitor suck's!


LCD power!!!!


If you are using CRT, dont set too high on refresh rate because this will damage your CRT life spam.And using higher refresh rate doesn't mean can help you aim better and good sensitivity.This is all depending on your PC specifications.

Nowadays,most pro gamers will play games on LCD because of the new technology like crystal clear bright screen,WXGA,and widescreen.This only helps you to play games with better graphics and visual.Also,LCD save up alot of spaces in your table area and for a LAN gaming center, they can actually put more PC too.


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