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m4 silencer or not?

long: without
close: with

but when i lag without.


onscreen wrote:
your all shit
there is 1 general rule

silencer short range
no-silencer long range
silencer does more damage short range than without it, dont belive me? go test it yourself fags.

only exception is dependent on position, for example hiding at the back of plat on B on dust2, silencer should be on, as they come rushing into B you can spray them down and it will be harder for them to establish where you are shooting them from.

or if you own like me you just buy deagle whole game as all you need is 5 bullets each round.

are you imature or something...what have we done to you and you call as fags and noobs...first of all you dont know as in person ok?
silencer for me






Fox_T4il wrote:
Silencer is always a sound extra for you. Non-Silencer if you want to intimidate, push back.

silencer always


silencer !


i dont care if its on or off i OWN ;x

i play most of the time with silencer but somethimes i play without it


If the weather is cloudy i use silencer, if sunny i dont use :P
I live in cloudy country -.-


silencer !


vANEk wrote:
joelFTW wrote:
foZe wrote:
pALkA wrote:
PrinceN wrote:
Silencer short distance shooting.
Without silencer longer distances

agree :)


Silencer :)


not silencer


PEMPEk wrote:
Not silencer!!!!


zulanztar wrote:


zulanztar wrote:




In sometimes need to silencer and in another time will no need to silenced


Most of time i play without silencer , silencer only sometims


silencer ofc


It dipends i play with silencer most


whatever ...


xEREX wrote:
long: without
close: with

but when i lag without.


ofc with silencer


Silencer short distance shooting.
Without silencer longer distances





depends the situation


Download my cfg and play like a Boss


not (:




Close : Without

Far : With


if you want to be stealthy play without a silencer if not with it


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