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ump45 or p90 !?

What weapons would you choose if you had to choose between ump45 or P90?


agree ;)




p90 föööfan !=DD


omg, skill up aim with normal weapons. dont show off


p90 i guess, but dude learn AK-47 or M4a1.. or even AWP... jeeze dont use these weapons ;D


I made this thread for fun, stop believing FUNNEL!


2 stupid waypon but ... P90 is better ^^


Prefer the P90 tbh.


UMP is nice sometimes, but P90 is the fastest weapon in the game. Damn it shoots fast! So I'm gonna go with P90 :)


p90 ofc, clipsize and fire speed. and my comp owns with p90! ;)


yeah same wit me


P90 is powerful imo


mp5 =DDD


oj skoja p90 läste fel:D


P90 for the win, just because i aced 2 times in a row with it :)


50 bulest long shot good dmg p90win


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