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fps drops

comp spec: 2,4 P4, 1GB DDR, x1950pro 256MB

9 smokes or w/e, solo game created:

randomly-joined aim map:

ive serious fps drops in regular game aswell..if anybody knows what's wrong, tell me please

config link:


update drivers too your graphic card?


ive tried like 5 versions, tried reinstalling system at least twice


well ive posted basic ones, i can run fallout 3 without any problems-when i set it to 800@medium i have 40 fps..having same fps in 10 years old game kinda..irritates me

if other games wouldnt work, id try new motherboard or power supply (300W only)..but everything works fine, not cs


:bump: :(


it's your processor mate.


its the p4 man. i had a p4 and had fps drops in aim_map too. i upgraded to an E8500 and no drops ever.


dont tell's 10 years old game, my processor can handle bioshock, fallout 3, oblivion..

+i used to have constant 100 with my 8500LE radeon and 256MB ram few years drops while shooting like now..dont understand what they've done, but i've thought about this aswell..thanks guys


I got the exact same problem! I have played cstrike 1.6 almost since beginning, whit lot worse computer then now, but no such fps drops! I have tested several ati drivers. So far old 4.xx catalyst ones seem to be the best - smaller fps drops.

I use : high fps config, high fps models, 640x480 and everything else set on low or off also in ATI settings (AA/AF/fastwrites/truform/vsync etc etc. - OFF, hdd defragmented, all background programs closed in windows).

But Ingame the fps drops happen when I see even 1-2 players running long distance. When running in group whit 10 man team fps is constant 100 , in smoke ~95. Kinda strange.

Realy P4 cant handle 1-2 players running ?! Other newer games even run better, stable fps - no such strange drops...


i'm telling you. i had the same setup. once i upgraded cpu, i was 100 constant.


yea but aim map takes a lot of resources.


the 2.4 P4 is your bottleneck m8

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Yeah bro it's your processor :\ i had drops like this ... i just changed my processor and now game running perfectly.


buy a new computer


ive seen people with even worse pc then mine having constant 100..potza got my point

2/3 years ago, my comp had 8500LE radeon, 100 fps, 1-10 smokes dropped it to constant 60, that was bug i think, cause it happened to my friend with 9700 aswell..but the game run at constant 100 (60) all the time, no, with more ram, better graphic card cs runs even worse..

changing my CPU=changing MB=changing RAM=200€ to be able to play 10 years old game..while 0€=being able to play new games


Buy Neww PC :-D


had alot of Fps drops when i played before then i went in to my Grapich card install and put down all than i could find in my 3D-Set and now i rush in like 100 smokes and i just go down to 98 fps =D


go geforce mongole ^^ or high fdp skins ^^ and euuhhmmmm config download best and high fpd ^^ gl
best in france ^^ haguueenaauu coorenntiinn peennnarrddd


YO i got the same graffic card and i get the same thing and i have 1 GB ddr
what is your psu watts? and what kind of mother board do you have


couldnt edit it but i see you have 300 watt psu which the psu is a major part in running your computer. I have a 400 watt and the minimum for that card is 450. So we kinda both have same problem. I think that card is not so good and it sucks for cs but im trying to buy new computer.
i suggest nvidia, the only reason i have an ati x1950pro is becuase thats what i got for christmas a while back haha :D


as i said, i can play fallout 3 @ 1024, medium details..i know 450W is recommended, but i doubt about it-other games wouldnt work aswell if it was psu problem


That's not so funny. :/ Don't know what the problem is.


Yes Buy New PC :D


your pc is not a crap but i dont know what is your problem :(


try whit this or or in default config turn off decals and blod and saytext or bind it :)


And i forgot on this too : Counter-Strike

» Note: This portion of the guide was written by Bossi over at the Complexity Forums, it is pretty much the exact same thing I would have written, everything written here is completly safe. This guide is good for both ATi/NVIDIA video card users.

» Step #1:

Go to your "C:\windows\system32\" folder and search for the file
atioglxx.dll" if you are ATI User
nvoglnt.dll" if you are nVidia User
opengl32.dll" is the Default OpenGL Driver if you don't use ATI or nVidia
rightclick the File and click "copy".

» Step #2:

Go to the folder "gldrv" in your Counter-Strike folder. Usually located at "Steam\SteamApps\YourAccountName\coun...
Inside this folder are 2 files. Rename the "3dfxgl.dll" to whatever you want. Now press CTRL + V or do a rightclick and "paste". Now you should see the file we just copied from the "system32" folder.

» Step #3:

Open the file "drvmap.txt" with a Editor (Notepad or whatever), but do not use MS-Word!
Delete everything inside this file! Now write the new Line:

"gldrv/nvoglnt.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you are nVidia User
"gldrv/atioglxx.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you are ATI User
"gldrv/opengl32.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you use Default OpenGL

Save and close this file.

» Step #4:

Restart Steam, Start Counter-Strike and go straight to "Options". Go to the Video Tab and choose OpenGL (left top "Renderer"), click apply and ok.

If you follow the guide correctly, you should notice a boost in not only the frames, but how smoothly your game is now running.
try it too :)


Btw, that Bossi guide you posted is just a myth! Steam is not using (read: loading) these files as drivers - you can delete, rename, replace them whit what ever file you like...

Also, you cant judge PSU`s by only its Watts... If it was PSU problem, then there would be other anomalies...

And saying that this PC sucks for counter strike = fail.

Well, years ago (cstrike IS oldgame...) that kind of PC (i mean stats) would have been top of the line and then even CPL players had PC`s like that and runned CS stable 100fps ... so its kinda strange to say PC sucks. Cstrike graphics have stayed the same for years...

Anyways on my *things to suspect* list are :
* processor
* video card drivers
* game engine bug (?) - as strange as it seems...

But hey, it seems we are not only ones who have noticed/expiriencing this. I`ve seen topics like this also in steam forums, but whit no perfect answer...


ive tried this already, will try again with changing to opengl, it might not have switched the driver..thanks a lot mate


Scan your PC about viruses and other harmful programs.
Update your Drivers

If that doesnt help, wreck that shit and buy a new one!


still the new pc..potza knows what im talking about

i appreciate your help, but its like tech-support...i explained them whats wrong, the answer was: do you have your monitor plugged? etc.

2 potza:

processor: overclocking raises my fps, indeed
drivers: no help, tried like 10 different versions
game engine: possibly, since my old graphic card, with old mb and 256mb ram was able to run cs better, it was some time ago, so..

1) steam update which rapidly raises requirements of hl core
2) hl-engine glitch, using of my comp in wrong way


there can be a few problems...

1) To many programs running in windows...
2) Updating Windows
3) Virus Scan online
4) Try new video drivers
5) -freg 100 @ launch options
6) vsync out + turn your videocard on Performance (antiallising stuff OFF)
7) Triple buffering: ON
8) Force Mipmaps: Billinair

Try this


This is my PC :

I got the same problem , my fps drop of 100 to 20, 30,40 and after that they go up to 100 again...The drivers of the graphics card are the latest one...Could somebody tell me how to solve this problem ... i cant play Cs in my 100 %


Scan your PC about viruses and other harmful things
Try to use older drivers (helped 4 me with Css)


which drivers do you recommend?..i can give it a try


I will try that and see what happen.


cs has old engine..dx 5.x/6.0, new hardware and drivers might not emulate old engines well, new hardware might not support this, idk..imho this is the point where the problem is, just bad combination of hw/drivers


your processor sucks


clean your processor fan and heatsink believe me that will help.

i believe that is ur solution if non of the posts above helps u


nope, ive manual overclocking, my processor isnt slowing down when its overheated...and its not, it has 40-50°C during full load


or maybe ur gc was bottled down by ur processor.
just get a new proc then.

agree with those above


i could add a new screen now from aim_00_awp map, where my fps get down to 30 while playing at 640*480...this is ridiculous


64 graphic caRd and 256 Ram. // 8x6 Large fps 60. :/ . This PC is 7 years old :)


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