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razer de.


I'm using 1.1 right now but I'd prefer to buy a 3.0


IE3.0 is very good, but scroll is bugged... If u binded jump on scroll, so u will fuck up in a lot of rounds.... i had it, and know i have Razer DeathAdder results = very good

DeathAdder > ALL


Go mx518


i have a 3.0 , but if i were you i would consider to buy G5, or ikari laser :D


imo 1.1 or 3.0


why don't you go for mx518?


buy logitech g5 !


Just get a lab rat.


couldn't play with microsoft 1.1 and 3.0 now I have A4TECH X7 it's more comfortable and you can switch dpi! and it's good for thes who play with left hand!


i would suggest DeathAdder, but since you dont want razer, go with 3.0! ;)


intelli 3.0 !!!


I think IE 3.0 or Razer DeathAdder :D anyway GL


g5 is pretty good mouse




G5 baby


ie 3.0


3.0 ofc


ie 3.0


buy mx518 or g5 :)


DON'T BUY IKAR some of my friends buy it but mouse realy suck in 1 week the mousewheel was destroyed. Buy g5 or intel ie 3.0.


micrasoft 3.0


micrasoft 3.0


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