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Zet or Spwan!?!?!

Zet or Spwan!???


SpawN =)


spawn for sure, but i like zet's weird scream thing, wooOOOOooh wooooOOOOoooooh :D




SpawN ofc :D


who is Spwan? :D btw. SpawN had much better aim and fragging ability


zet i think :)


for me both but I now like more zet than spawn


SpawN of course ;D


Spawn ofc


Spawn great player but not a screamer
Zet well not a great player as Spawn but a great teamplayer knows how to scream:P


SpawN man, for ever


SpawN or zet, thinking.....thinking.....THINKING?!.....I don't know. They're both amazing.


zet is better than spawn, he demostrate level in WCG


spawn !


spawn of course....


can't say who is better. both are awesome!






SpawN ofc :)


in last games of spawn i saw that he not plays like before.
so mby he is tired from cs. So be it , let him to rest
and stop to talk about this zet is in hes place now and so be it !


sorry about English mistakes =/


SpawN ! :D


omg fuckin' NN. Ofc zet, becouse SpawN don't play @ moment so good. So zet is a LEGEND he just must warmup abit than he shoots evb down ;)


Spawn : X




zet for sure




Spawn ofc




wtf Spwan ? :{{{{


they are both very unique players with amazing skills..


Spawn the best 4 ever!!!


"SpwaN" no. SpawN yes. and SpawN > ZeT in my opinion.


SpwaN ofc ))).If seriously I think zet & SpawN are equal !!!


I win :DDD


Spawn is the legend! Free and Reliabe image hosting.


spawn in his best days was amazing


hah.. . SpawN is Living Legend ^.^




zet ofc :))


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