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GeT_RiGhT Movie

Hello Com.

i made a movie about GeT_RiGhT

i hope u like it ^^


upload ur movie to somewhere ppl could see the movie without downloading it.

i was gonna watch it but since i'd have to download, i won't


i will upload it @ my sk profil.


That way you will have more views and more comments


link dont work for me


"Waiting to be processed! This can take between a few seconds and some minutes. When it is finished it will be shown on your profile."


yeah i dont know its the same movie i will render it in another codec


GeT_RighT or die trying was awsome


What program do i use to open that movie?


vlc player


nice movie dude! like it intro was nice with lan playing :P


nice movie ;D


Well kinda goos, but music was too random ;D




best grenade player :)




download movie don't work *.*


GeT_RighT die or trying da best!


lool nice frags and nice way to flash in banana :D






Nice Frags


really nice :D




Nice Nice Nice xD :)) I havet looked but Nice)) Because my internet is 7kb.s


Cool :D


nice movie, what program do you juse? :)




vegas 7.0 and makemp4.bat


nice gj


Woo nice :)


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