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cbTeam !


elemeNt (Ola Moum)
prb (Preben Gammelsæter)
REAL (Sondre Svanevik)
noLa (Mats Nygren)
syrtekz (Tommy Skoglund)

da real mYm is back !!!! Personnaly I think they can do a good result at the wcg... what about u ?


I really like that team but i dont really expect them to play a major role in the tournament, since i dont think that they played cs seriously enough to keep up with all the great teams such as SK mym fnatic or mouz aim and strategy wise. Anyway GOGOGO norway


what blomquist said, gl though :)


the lineup look's fantastic =).
Let's w8 and see what they are capable off.


They did play very well against mTw, they could have won inferno aswell so 1-2 against the wcg winners, creds to them ;>


good luck )


yes they played pretty well


gl gl gl


4th place..hmmm imo: it wasn't elemeNts' last tournament )


they played good...


In the Lineup are some great players, but i think they had there good times a long time ago.
I don't think they can match the real Topteams yet :)
Anyway gl !


OHu 6yDyT e6aLLIuTb (umXo=)


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