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19 and 17 monitors.Which better?

Using 17 monitor makes you feel better when playing.Am I right ?It looks like you move faster,better reaction.
On the bigger 19 everything moves much slower,its like discomfort.
Have you ever tried using 17 at home , then went to LAN and played with 19 ?Didn't you feel any difference abouts this two types of monitor ?
Compare it.


i play on 19 LCD and its good to me. i dont want to change


yes but have you ever tried to play with 17 and 19 ?
im using 19,but i have brother who uses 17.always when i play on his pc 17 monitor i feel like i'm unbeatable.
You see,i want to say that playing with 19 is harded than 17:)


you say so ? ok lets take 15 and 21 ? how would you play cs with 21 ^^?
reactions drops by 25% at least


cause you dont see every corner,and with 15 its so comfortable


it's personal opinion, i play on 19"


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