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You are play cs and doer sport ?

Football/ or soccer as the americans say.


The english on this site is terrible tbh... Running, gym, floorball, basketball etc.


StrikeBall, BreakDance, Basketball.


cs only :P


Sex and icehockey ;)


i like to play football ))


stop say sex life :/
so much people here tell "sex sex sex" I think 99% have never seen a pussy


Sometimes In The Gym


just CS onlly counter strike ;]


yeha that is special !!!






i love cs but i am playing soccer and i am crazy about that :D


Unihockey FTW


football , breakdance, florball and so on :D


MMA and football


eSport Cs only


eSport Cs only


If i have time i jog and do some fitness and two times in the year i´m doing a marathon with a friend.


football and basketball :)


I love GyM


soccer swimming and cs :)




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