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Deathmatch servers VIP - Revolution of Roccat [CS DeathMatch]
cos fnatic's isnt updatet =)
Oops, seems like dm servers dont work at the moment. Sry for the post x(


omg ...


:X l0lz


lol x:


good work


Deathmatch only dust2 | eqL |

Matthias Wohnzimmer deathmatch

[FR] Deathmatch (only Dust2)

[FR] Deathmatch -cLock foR kiLL




HQ DM by


Dusk2down leipe deathmatch ouwe

Gamelux by clanhost




nice sc0nix


omg . . .


Do dm servers work for you? I get connection problems everytime someone else joins the server. Gotta love the latest update =)


good work


i can join all of my listed servers...


lol :D


Fnatic dm was good but thats offline atm ;(


dm of your country ftw , but not dm of another !


#FtD.clan CSDM - powered by #gwgaming | #4 69ER DEATHMATCH MYM CSDM - CS 1.6 (04) Aim maps!


Cheers m8


lol |


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