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Thank You Valve

You can watch them on non-steam cs :)
non-steam ftw :D


i can't understand valve, and it feels like flash are holding on longer now since the update :/


omg u guys are so dumb fucking cunts.... do you think that valve is going to change that all... they don't listen to this bullshit about moneysystem and shit... grow up and get some brains...


agree whit you ;D


i like this update, now i can put the rates 25000 cmdrate 101 and updaterate 100, before cs crashed when put those rates :)


i roffled at that list...

Valve is ruining there only good game............... They should be worrying more about VAC then they should the game its self , because the game isn't broken VAC is!

But what ever CS is gonna become more gayer if they keep this crap up.


die protocol # 48


That's like that one extreme sport when they added trampolines to basketball...this is basically what they're trying to do kill a good game...If valve didnt know we dont like "Flashing lights and flash animations and 'Steam Communigay'" We liked our friends option ingame not pressing a combination of keys to obtain our messages...It's so much easier to press 'esc' then press ctrl+tab(default) soon they'll probably send all counter-strike/steam users a keycard to swipe in order to access our accounts... rofl what a joke sierra wouldnt do this :|


omg you romanian brainers shut up... VALVE is not normal and you too as well...


nice :)


pls stop fighting and with no acism pls


10 bucks says that they'll add background music


again update.... :/




- Introduce a new, ultra-kill laser-megaray which kills everyone at the beginning of round and costs 15000$.
- A new money system, you get more cash for killing someone if you yell "PWNED" in the mic louder.
- Remove VAC2 altogether, or make it ban for not using cheats.
- Spam the whole screen with pop-up advertisements flying around.
- Make all walls inpenetratable to all weapons.
- Make all weapons hyper-accurate.
- Knives and weapons can now be thrown
- There's bad music playing all the time which you can't turn off
- All hitboxes are now 3 times larger, head 4 times
- All maps have minicars so you can drive to the bomb plant
- People sometimes teleport randomly
- Flamethrowers and dynamitepacks
- Magic healing spells and dragons flying around
- Orcs hiding in dark places
- Incompatibility with DX and OpenGL
- Extreme lags
- The girl from Exorcist chasing everyone and yelling profanities
- Random flashbangs
- Whatever comes to your mind, or better, ask some 3-5 year olds what they'd like to see in a game.

^^ its a pro mod :D


new udpate ftw!


The Exorcist shit might freak me the fuck out.










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