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protocol 48

How can we watch "old" demos ?


using playdemo


lol u r so smart !

anyone, is there any way to watch "old" demos ??/


hmm sk-player ? or.. .dunno
anyway why do you wanna see old demos look in future dont look back aahahha :P




wich non-steam


i sure am :D:D:D


wtf is whit this protocol?really.i have no idea.ohhhh's s**t


qakk that's good, how the oders say: playdemo !


non steam


old? demos? from 1.5 ?


c un peu relou tt c mise a jour stoo


playdemo ....


wow but :(


Sk-player or nonsteam cs


yes yes PROTOCL 48 sucks :/ servers sucks now :/


non-steam ftw ...


NONSTEAM is for retards :/ nhf

so many cheaters guys :P


i start to like this update :) i guess that nonsteam is one of the best ways to watch old demos.


were download this update?


@default_mk u pravu si :/


maybe the update is not so bad,whats bad is that im unable to play on non steam servers,and now with this update im laging :S
hope the valve fix this asap


lag lag lag lag lag lag lAG


2 dE_nIsAm


i heard that there will be roll back update, or smth like that
i hope soon


download a non steam counter strike like that digitalzone one.. they are not going to update protocols at all = DD


fast steam!


u can`t watch old demos with new valve !


:p +1


You have just to read your demo with playdemo


can amyone give me link to sk-player in my guestbook please?


I played the protocol 48 demos in old non-steam, with "playdemo" cos' "viewdemo" sends a protocol error (obviously), so, you should be able to do the same thing but in protocol 48 with the 47 protocol demos in the new hl engine :/ ....good luck though there can you download a program that will fix the demo from protokoll 47 -> 48


sk-player don't work.. i dont know why x/


nice work x)


48 sucks!


ican't see new demos .. playdemo , viewdemo , sk player nothing work .. & it tell me " Warning ! server protocol used 48 (not 47 ) "... in CS non steam ... so any idea .. there can you download a program that will fix the demo from protokoll 47 -> 48


non steam and 48 suxx




very bad that valve updated the protocaol from 47 to 48


yeah BAD !


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