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Steam players can't play with non steam players , that is very big +


Well its a bad update but everything sems to run 0k.


Non steam sucks :)




does that rate 30000 really work as well as 25000?


"i love it how they come back 5 years later and roll in with an update that will not only be hated by the majority but will also make cs much slower and more boring."
(C) Lurppis


You already know that Steam is sympatical with his gamers :D !




signed !


Problem with CSlan which will be in previous version !!
Do w have to make an update for lan ? so difficult to get a cslan updated


NS is really stupid, but if VALVE dont take this update back, Im gonna install NS, cuz I cant play with 30 fps :(


Fuck Update !


Fuck update!


go cs lan edition =)


Well... let's wait and see


wait... but how long? its a week now... and it will be more... how? 2 weeks, month? Can they correct it this year?


We can't do anything just sit and wait... we are VALVE's toys :(


i prefer play with bots at CS NON STEAM.


sorry but if u cant play in ns pub then its END OF THE WORLD ?
ffs noobs....
its nothing bad in this uptate...
*U can do silentrun if u do it a little bit faster
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 100
ex_interp 0.01
in userconfig and everything is fine...


if you cant read, ok... but many players have other problems like cmdrate and updaterate... lags and low fps + servers are not working well... If UR playing on 1 server all the time and its ok, dont post your stupid comments in this thread... Its not maden for pepole like you, but for normal players...


100% agree


so dont cry


cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 100
ex_interp 0.01


I dont like it , but i can handle it .


agree with you I'm feeling same way... worst update was long time ago with the awp delay and many other things


fuck it




nice update


cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
rate 25000
cl_rate 9999
ex_interp 0.1


anyway... why would you play 1024? - 640*480 is soo better...
I think the rates are working like before, since the other new updates.
And ofc, ex_interp 0.01 ... ALWAYS !


0.1 in net...


25000 rate is better.
don't developed your graphic card.


fuck steam update !


yeah i've saw the last update, against russian jump...
lame update.


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