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Siberia Neckband VS 5H v2 USB ?

SpawN using Siberia Neckband but 5H v2 USB maked special for cs1.6 right ?
so; how is the best headphone for cs1.6 ?


i use 5H v2 USB its best for me


My headphone is 5H v2 USB.


Both are good.


steelseries 3H lol


yeha 3H is classic


5H v2 USB -_-


best is razer barracuda (+sound card razer ) or piranha nice sound :)


I have siberia neckband and i like these =)


i really like them both but prefer steelseries 5h


5H v2 USB is very good for my friends


all my friends with that


My headphone is 5H v2 USB. :P:P


omg piranha ftw


it depends on the sponsor :))


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