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The best config

What best config write config location, or you can send me to skype ;)


walle`s cfg is the best. Download it from he`s profile ;)


cfg fnx end n0thing the best ;X


walles !


SpawN the best CONFIG


Mine config is the best :)


Your own. Nothing else,,, you set the good things that will make _YOU_ play bettre.


my cfg is the best ... 4 me :=)
u can dl it , from my profil :)


make your own omg ! u wont be like spawn if u have his cfg ..


Try my config


download my cfg and you will see the best config :P


make u your own config!


Play just with the origine cfg it's your skill not your cfg. IT's psycholigic


make your own


walle config + améliration


my xD


my cfg best ;)




n0thing.cfg the best !!!


own config...


make you own;)


make your own


When I have download a config, where shall I put it?


For me is my own the best! For you...I don't know!




RobbaN is the best config ;x


my 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%


my cfg ...


my config for sure.


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