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What's better? CS or CS:S

What is more enjoyable for you?
CS:S dynamics are great , flashes are disturbing buy yet realistic.
CounterStrike for Career.
CS:S for fun.
thats basically my opinion.
so what is yours?


SSTTAARR thats a good opinion , for sure!


cs !


epic thread again
some guys really wanna be ranked on sk XD..


look EloM i just started playing CS:S.
and i wanna know what people think about it.
how should i go on?
stay on CS or move to CS:S?
ATM i think CS:S is more like a fun game.


cs 1.6 or sure
css is such a buggy game!


cs16 ! =)




cs ofc


Cs 1.6 !!!!!


Cs 1.6 for sure ;)


Cs 1.6 ! ofc


CS 1.6 for skill training, CS:S for fun! ;)


cs ofc.


1.6 for sure, source isn't the same at all. Feels like a different gametype.


cs 1.6 >>>>>> cs:s


1.6 > source all days @ week ;D


1.6, source is just for screwing around :D


1.6 for people that enjoy CS and the hardcore matches that come with it. Source is for people that sucked at 1.6 and think they can become professional gamers in CGS.






cs is better


CS 1.6 for sure !


one a point and a six


Counter-strike 1.6


CS 1.6 is the best version.
the problem ist, not everyone can play css on their pc. its not running on my notebook.. but i wouldnt install css if i have a new notebook =)
css is like a singleplayer game, you can play with barrels etc.. :D


Counter-Strike Source is more realistic , but i like Counter-Strike 1.6 more...


cs 1.6 for ever!


cs 1.6 4 ewaaaa:x


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