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CS 1.6 or Source, how start it ?

Hi all ,

I got cs 1.6 and Source and I both like the game, but I really like the way of playing competitive and all those stuff, so I have to ask you something.

Which game is currently played the most + what is the best way to start with ?
Steps, tricks, guides,tips.






Now the second part :P


Hm...Why to start from 1.6? Thats an easy question. Because SOURCE SUX!!!!
Playes the most? 1.6 FTW!
The best way to start? Hm... Make a clan and play a lot of pcw, also play a lot of mixes and don't forget to play on a DeathMatch server for an hour or two every day


Are there also tweaks/settings for better bullet registration or ?


cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
rate 25000
ex_interp 0.01


1.6 is for oldschooler who liked 1.5 : o )) .. same engine .. same magic ! CSS is for people who believe in the far future :D


Ok :P


Both Source and 1.6 are 16+, go play Harry Potter.


1st, where did I say that I play cs ?
2nd, You clearly can't read arabic numbers


XDDD. I've played Medal of Honor when I was 6 :p


1.6 is played more internationally, but here in the USA its mostly source.


Hmm, I live in the EU, so 1.6 ?


begin cz for train and go 1.6 because source is very bad ;)


lol cz, why?


Condition Zero ?


Are there maybe some standard commands that has to be in a config of CS 1.6 ?

Like in COD2 you had r_polygonoffsetbias 16 and r_polygonoffsetscale 4 for lesser walltexture = more fps.


join to clan or make a new one with your friends. play pcw's a LOT.

gl to you.

oh ps. 1.6 is better;)



Irc channels for 1.6 are ? (mixes can be usefull because I don't have clan)


#2on2, #3on3, #4on4 & #5on5 is maybe better to u, #pcw and #pracc is maybe for Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Norwey and Island).


Because 2on2-5on5.... there is mostly german, but also middle-europe countries.


1.6 ofc


#pcw & #pracc




c 1.6 ofc 4 life


hehe, counter-strike 1.6 ofc =)


1.6 ofc!!!!!
but i believe in csp.......


i would say that start playing CS 1.6 right now is bullshit, you won't get on the top ... however in CSS u have bigger chance imho :)


1.6 for sure...


1.6 #gather-network


cs 1.6 too


cs condition zero and after 1.6 :>


cs 1.6 ofc


CS 1.6 rules.


Cs 1.6 forever


cs 1.6


I think cource :D
coz source is 3d both cs 1.6 is 2d :D

I put mony on cs 1.6 sk gaiming team and I won som cash :D
bot cource is 4 fan :)


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