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What does zet?

Can't wait too see zet playing cs 1.6 again. What he is doing ? I think that someone must know that. Bds or someone else who is been friends with zet could ask him. What do you think ?


im going to guess that hes just getting set up


zet is probably beating the meat right now


#1 as fast as turtle...
I got bored waiting to see him playing with some good cs 1.6 teams. Come one zet, we need ya ;D


I think that Zet is in the toilet right now...


-WickZ-, makin some nasty stuff ?


hahaha yeah, maybe!!


nice one


Think he's still in the states waiting to go home.. I believe he'll be home next few days :p


Thank you, walle, for answering, it is really good feeling when the best counter strike player answers to your topic :P
I think in Europe there are a lot of teams which are waiting zet to come home and join their teams, so HURRY UP zetman :D:D:D


zet is actually practicing on ESEA
and still in US i think


cs hf ;}


zet comming SK


zet is comming to sk
allen goes to begrip


allen is good enough to stay in SK... I think that all of current SK members make a good team. Unless someone is tired of cs, so zet joins. If SK would retire someone from the team, they would risk so much because NOW SK has achieved very good shape.


i hope so :D


zet will play in SK roster on ESWC Masters (July 4-6)


And you know that... how? :D


I don't know if there is any news about zet, but I heard that he will play for duki, not for SK, leastwise for nearest future.


Twisted, I know that because one russian website has published it...although I doubt whether it's true or not :))


If it isn't published on, there will always be doubt whether it's true or not. :) Although I doubt that zet is ready to play for SK now. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems that I'm not. ^^


Twisted, have you seen that clan match Blank against duki ( zet's team) ? Zet didn't do good enough to play with such good team like SK....


Check my post again plz. :D I'm aware that zet didn't do well in that match, but that's just one match and zet will play more and more. He was too good so he could never play like that again. I think he'll get back to his old game very soon. Maybe I'm not as objective as I should be, but hey, I have right to be, don't I? :D


yeah, I agree with you :}


Yeah he needs some time to get back up to the skill he used to be

That's what Source does for you!


sauce is bad XD sauce make good players become newbies :D




zet @ zetmen @ betmen :*


zet its a g8 player


I think....powel nahuj lox!


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