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What does your nickname means ?

I want to know wath your nickname means?
My Nickname : aGGressiv3L
It Means : in the game i have a aggressive style , I like to attack my enemy & surprize them !


Just a character from Soul Calibur :o


"Faromans" I dont realy know what it means :]
myb in some language it means some thing? if some one knows replay post :]


My name.


metal my fav. songs type ;)!


Josephine = Nikita (my favourite movie)


i love ur nickname =)


My nick is from 2Fasttofurious ,,Bullet ´´ but i was came ´from a party a would play a little bit
but i was very drunkin and wrote it wrong and now ,, Bullite´´


My nick is from 2Fasttofurious ,,Bullet ´´ i came ´from a party and would play a little bit
but i was very drunkin and wrote it wrong and now ,, Bullite´´


I take the nick "zett84" because I'm a Marcus "zet" Sundstrom's fan , it's "zet" getting along with 1st char of my name "t" = "zett" (and "84" to get different with another user =)) )


now my nick name is eQdv (edv its my name first three letter,and q-qledd :)


ApoLlo = i dont know why... i just like it..;)


My name backwards =D


my nick name says all :D


dabi is my name in some weirdass country


SharKKKK my nick name went from Sharky..... dog in cartoon "Eak THE CAT"


[Mar]kus "Marre" Kanka[re]


i just fucking typed a random nickname on my keyboard LOL...




Well, i used to play stand-off in rugby, which is the number 6 shirt. But really, it's a character from Gundam Wing - a show i used to watch when i was like 15 ;D


EstzeN - my favourite name Esten witch opposite is Esther - a girl name.

sometimes in public servers : skL - skyLine. and neztsE - backwards Estzen.



dirty ... i play very dirty :p


u r P07UN3N3C !


Ouji = Prince o_O


from my surname Schüller (Šiler) ---> Šili ---> chilli (Čili) ---> ChilliC (Čilik) ---> chillda (čilda) ;]


some peoples call me jonee... so its my second name :D


Kalle is my name and zhu means pig in chinese


an animal:D


i don't know =(


overdose - over + e


rGee - ragelis - phone :D:D


cristi - cristian


by my name Philippos :)


the website one's is obviously comes from the movie "300 spartans" and the in game one,dublud, comes from the cartoon-network serial "Ed,Edd n Eddy"


my name is ub3rl337hax0r0wn4g3r4wpisnoobiesweaponwallbangoneshooter and that means that im the best

noh .. Fafu.. i think it doesnt mean anything :D


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