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de_prodigy - did you like it?

Why de_prodigy is not official map? It was great and I am missing that map. What was MINUS in this map? I think it had same pluses. Only on minus was, that de_prodigy is CT map... its difficult to plant a bomb for Ts. But its difficult in nuke and train too....


I do miss prodigy, should be re-officialized! I'm bored of maps sur as dust2 or inferno...

moreover, yes it is a CT map, but there are more T-sided official maps (d2, tuscan, inferno imo, and even nuke can be...)

we want de_prodigy back!




prodigy and aztec are fucking classic


btw: the four map rotation is crap


yeah PH ur right, there should come more new maps or something..


why new maps? I want OLD de_prodigy... it is great map with a lot of options. I think de_cpl_mill or de_cpl_fire are much worst than prodigy. And if there will be old aztec sometimes I will be really glad. Two great maps and I miss them. Look at the classic CS movie Superplayers 9... intro on aztec is great - loved situations on that river bombplant.


cbble, mill, prodigy, aztec.. all those maps are great and it's a shame that most of players these days have no clue about them

also vertigo and chateau are quite good :))


cbble - cool


Prodigy is an awesome map, as is cbble! Bring them back :D


prodigy is a very good map.
i've you only play nuke,inferno,dd2 and train it's getting bored after a while


de_prodigy is a great map. I hope it will become a official map ! :P


prodigy wasnt a good map for 5on5 ever.


why? it was real variable map...


I hate that map it is so "scary" :D


yes why not?


why not! its a good map:D


very good map


oldschool map :) but cbble is better :P


yes prodigy is a good map too ! pgm's map :p


Yeah, it's really good OldSchool map:) It should be nice if it is tournament map again...


Thats a nice map such as aztec cbble but vertigo is a crap. you are in the lower bombsite and hear the sound of upper's


the map is part of cs so if u like cs u nead to like the map too


nice map!


my favorite... well after de_train lol.


it brings me a memories about old times when i played only on public servers...


Prodigy isn't and wasn't a good map imo... Even if i didn't disliked it.


learn english retard


I did understand him... that is important :)


why it was not a good map? tell me why de train is better?


Love de_prodigy, Just cant see why people wont play it on PCW :(. Always whining like bitches everytime u change to it.


It should be official in all tournaments though ;P beside Aztec. It feels like that map is getting smaller :P


oh yeah


so let's do something about it, tell admins, tell other players




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