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best lcd/crt gaming monitor

I am looking for a good low response time gaming monitor. In the range from 19"-22".
I am looking at the ASUS PG22, Looks nice as i was reading about it the specs are great. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of there own on this monitor or what monitors they prefer(lcd or crt).


I prefer crt monitors, but i have LCD. LCD is more comfortable :) crt is very big but the bonus on crt is hz :) lcd can response only 75hz, crt more than 100 :)


I'm using samsung LCD 932N+ 19"

it's not bad


Im using the Acer X193W 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor
im thinking to upgrade to crt but at the moment i dont have enought destop space.


best CRT - "РУБИН" TV with pal-secam decoder... i'm playing on it via tv-out link with my videocard... picture is sharp and colorful (because of decoder!) very good stuff... if interested, here is a pic of it:


acer ac 713 xD


hp 7500 Crt


for tft a viewsonic VX922 really is the best thing going, for a CRT proberly a samsung or somthing


siemens fujitsu 17" CRT


Well CRT 17' is something ideal for gaming... But if there is something else you want to do and want to be cool there is LCD :P I have one 17' and one 19' and i also play CS. Once you get used to it there is no difference...


crt 21" is the best for me


trinitron crts are really good, dell or sony :D


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