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does the resolution matter on your screen like i have a 17inch is it ok to play 640x480 or no ?


Yea, I have 17inch LCD on 640*480.
Also good for 75Hz monitors:
cl_updaterate 75
cl_cmdrate 75
fps_max 74


so what you're saying is that when you play on a 85 hz cty 17" monitor,
cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate must be 85?
doesn't makes any sense m8


what doesn't make sense is the fact you use 85hz on a crt at low resolutions.


my monitor cant take any higher hz then 85 ;)


If it's a 17' it can do atleast 100hz at 640x480, right click your desktop and go to settings then advanced then go to monitor and untick hide modes that this monitor cannot display then put -freq 100 into cs launch options.


the max i've got there is 85 but i've put in launch options freg 100 and it works ty!


cl_updaterate cl_cmdrate fps_max.
Ticks per seccond.
If you had 75hz monitor
You dont need 100 Fps or 100 ticks up/dn.
You can see only 75fps and only 75 ticks per s.
This is a Fact, welcome back in reality. :P


Resolution: 640x480 is good for me at my lcd


800x600 it's good.


Non ... l'640*480 ofre Un jeu plus rapid :P


640x480 on 17'' owns!


800x600 always...ofc




17" is the best size to play 640


i have 17* monitor and i play with 800x640 :)



that's got to be the stupidest thing anyone has ever said.. fps max 74 cos your running 75 hz? rofl this isn't css, if you use 1.6 on fps max 74 it would feel like shit :S

640 is fine on 17 inch crt, fps_max 101, cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate 101 worsk 100000x better.


640X480 large, green :]


640x480 for me


640x480 openGL large whie =))


Use 1280*1024, HD




LCD 19" 640x480 + large green crosshair :}


640*480 / 100Hz / Large ... Outch !


800 x 600 medium. Sometimes 640 x 480 large.


800 x 600 LARGE. Its good :P


640x480 best...


17inch = 800 or 1024 both small


17' 640x480 small


1024x768 small cl_dynamic 17' LCD


22' lcd 1024 small :)


19' 640x480 :)


LCD 19'
800x600 ( run in window )


17' 1024x768 large =)


I have 20inch LCD on 640*480
Large Crosshair


800x600 xhair - medium or 1024x768 xhair - medium dy 1


640x480 Medium with cl_dynamiccorsshair 1 < ideal


The old 640 x 480 is always the finnest


800x600 Large x)


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