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Qck heavy and msie 3.0

Ok guys i got new mausepad qck heavy .. and new msie 3.0 before that i had an old msie 3.0 ... and those 2 things works very very strange ... At first the mouse is moving by it selfe .. and the second if i move mouse realy slow the sens is unormal high and if i move mouse realy fast its unormal slow ... do you think its cuz of mousepad or you think the mouse is broken ... thank you alot


I can hardly see why it would be the mat buddy, try giving the old usb cable a blow maybe it's just abit dusty or somthing. if that doesnt work try it on another computer the you'll know for sure if it's the mouse. Hope helps


See if there's any dust or anything in the mouse sensor


hmm i tryed to put it now in few different usbs but its the same ... and checked for dust but its not becouse its brand new got it just today ... ill try on another computer aswell


yea it was a mouse =) ... when i sand it back, they called me and said.. dont say we send you this mouse =) its totaly broken :D and that i get new one tomorrow hehe


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