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any suggestions

ok so i use a 1024 x768

for crosshair size should i use small and cl_dyanmaicrosshair 1 or 0


use 640 x 480!! cl_crosshair large , cl_dynamicrosshair 0


but for a gui says u need 1024 x 768 cause lower it cuts stuff off


1024 x 768 cl_dynamicrosshair 0 , cl_crosshair medium


dynamiccrosshair 0, cl_crosshair large :> if you change to 800x600 use medium its very nice :D but you choose yourself!


i'd reccomend 640* Large and dynamic 0


but wont that mess up a gui cause those say 1024x 768 its a cpl one


small ; 1



use auto-size crosshair and tranparent and dynamic with red color

it's good for 1024x768


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