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What [TTFU] means ?

Hahaha so wrong.

Time To Fucka Ur means Time to go crazy/sick/mad etc.


time to fuck you many versions :D


this topic fucks up




time to fuck up ?


It's means nothing.. ^^


Then whatta heck means [tw]


the winner




the winner :D


[TTFU] means 'Time to fukka ur' - on english 'Time to fuck up/out' (kinda)
[tw] means The Whelps

Please close this thread now. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT


Time To Fucka Ur / Time To Fukka Ur chose what you want ;)



Time To Fakka Ur * ;>


omg never heard it


For ZLAZZE its Time to fuck u :D ^^


it means Toughen the fuck up.


walle himself said it wasn't "Tiffany Twisted For You".
Many players in sweden use the expression and it stands for(as many already posted):
Time To Fakka Ur
Meaning: Time To Flip Out or something like that.
Fakka ur is swedish for "Flip Out" or "Fuck up"


fakka = knulla alla bruuuudar :S


To Tuff For You lätt juh.


grimbob 4 weeks ago+4 thumbs
tittie fuckers



grimbob 4 weeks ago+4 thumbs
tittie fuckers


Terrorist Fuck You or Twojemu Tacie Fjuta Urwali ?


It's time to fucka ur


#ttfu :)


It means, time to fakka ur.
Its a swedish sentence.


>> Then whatta heck means [tw]

I'ts [the wellers] old starcraft team...


to win


haLLLÅ pheting


TTFU = Team Talk For U


#TTFU Ty11 hah1113 pokemon^nyLle


time to fuck you


Tata Te Fille une Yogave



time to destroy everything


Trying To Fuck You!


TTFU = Time to fucka ur, Tentpoles MIX-clan


time to fuck u TTFU


Titanic Tears For Underwater


haha Time To Fuck you


i think its tiffany twisted fuck u :) :P




Toobersson wrote:
Then whatta heck means [tw]

such newbie players, tw is a clan in the old days 2000-2003 from StarCraft, its the clan Tag [tw]. dSn iNs from fnatic used to play in that clan. TTFU = time to fuck you.


[tw] - to win :) TTFU can be time to fuck you :D


Apocalipsy wrote:
this time finish up



Det betyder TIME TO FUCKA UR


[bla bla dont spam


Kad0c wrote:
Kad0c wrote:
[T] time [T] to [F] fuck [U] up ( so many versions ) but this one i think is the most correct.


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