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Windows 7 or XP ?

windows 7 :p


Windows XP is best cuz i see so many threads how many people are complain on Windows 7 cuz of lag and some other problems with CS and other stuff :) so my opinion is XP! :)




XP Rules!


xp old school xD






I feel 7 betterb because im used to it :)


win7 ultimate :p




xp :D




Windows XP.


I have to say that Windows XP was and still is the best since the config for the OS worked so well with PC games, I have a windows 7 pc as well and the benifit to 7 is the 64 bit and its an overall better OS then XP but it has it's falts for example CS 1.6 is such an old engine that the software does not work out and you have a lag screen on 1.6 but your ping is still low just by the connection. Unless you have the right config to fix that issue you will find problems with older games but what I find funny is I don't get the win7 issue on DoD 1.3 (I used to test) I still have the issue with 1.6 and I would to have it fixed. But overall both are GREAT OS but I grew up with 95, 98, 2000, Me(sucked), and XP and well lets face it XP FTW and second place is 7

Best Years:
Windows 7

Sucky years
Vista (really a fast pushed unfinished windows 7)
ME (2000 with an upgraded GUI; glitchy)




Windows 7.


xp is for gaming,7 is for enjoy in the working and looking :D




windows 7 the best!


WinXP: Game
Win7: Business Life


7, because winxp is old and the more the less people will use it in future because they will stop updating xp


WinXP: Game,Business Life
Win7: -


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