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5HV2 vs Sibeira V2

hey guys!
well i want to get a good headset! and it has come down to the SS siberia v2 or the SS 5HV2! im going to use the headset ONLY for CS! not to watch movies!(might listen to music :P),so a lot of ppl recommended gettin the 5hV2 cause its supposed to be awesome for CS!
i was if i buy the Siberia v2 will i be missing good CS sound from the 5Hv2?
help me decide please! :)
p.s- please dont post anything about sennheissers or any other headset cause its purely between these two!




siberia v2


Siberia v2


5H v2


siberia v2


SS Siberia V2 White }{


siberia v2 ftw


Buy Audio-technica ATH-AD700 is better,better for fps and music.Now if you want to throw your money in the garbage, buy steelseries :D




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