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the best keyboard?

give me your opinion


Really I was going to buy a keyboard then I realized I don't need it . You don't need to play the geek.

But to not be rude ,and to answer your question ,DON'T THINK TWICE ,Go for the steelseries 7G (if you have the money)
Other than that just stick to a regular keyboard (don't go for Razer or logitech G15)


Razer Keyboards r0x.


I recommend Razer Lycosa


Nothing ,don't buy a gaming keyboard ,don't pay like a dumb idiot. Still ,if you are 100% taking a keyboard go for 7G and only 7G.


steelseries zboard is very good


rAnkw0wisnoGouD wrote:
KaNi wrote:
SteelSeries 7G


steelseries merc stealth cuz it's the cheapest gaming keyboard with backlighting




I love playing with logitech g15.
Its really good for WoW


Steelseries 7G


SteelSeries 7G


you dont need a keyboard..

but steelseries 7g is what id get


Go for Tarantula or Lycosa...


buy a keyboard Microsoft or then a keyboard which is not very expensive, guard your money to buy a good mouse because the keyboard is not very important :) (sorry for my bad english) :P


g15 gaming edition, simply the best ;)




Tarantula or G15




7g is too expensive
i recommend 6gv2
Razer suck


guroDragon wrote:
7g is too expensive
i recommend 6gv2
Razer suck


SteelSeries 7G




I recommend Arctosa or Lycosa. Lycosa is more expensive but has illuminated keys, the audio inputs and USB.


mechanical keyboard only !


Steelseries 7G


SteelSeries 6GV2


Filco Majestouch-2 it is built like a tank! Read some reviews, you won't go wrong with this. :)


But if you need macros I would suggest Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard.


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