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ATI or NVIDIA graphic cards?

So whos graphic cards are better and why ?


It's very close atm. They are fighting with the prices atm, but I prefer the Nvidia line. Based on my previous experiences.

Look at
to see whats the best choice.

Graphical Benchmarks:,799.html




google is your friend ;)

i think ATI is better atm, if you watch the price ratings on it. I mean the hardware you get for the monney :P




well right now ati pwn the nvidia cards (also in price) But nvidia still got the most powerful single gpu graphicscard


fortfarande det är en av smak om vad man tycker om bäst för grafik kort och jag gillar mest Nvidia XFX Geforce 280?


I prefer nVidia.


nVidea ha ha ihave 7900gs)



if you got less money ATi

if you got some money get nVidia





did anyone heard about NVIDIAs cheating on benchmarks with chip called Detonator so they become more points ? well its truth so i like ATI more, dont cheat go pro with ATI :)




NVIDIA ofc !




nvidia ati sucks


nvidiaaaaaaa :D




... both are great .... but i think nvidia got bether performances ..


always have, and always will be nVidia


nVidia the best


ATI Rulez :x


ShevA wrote:
nVidia the best



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