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What NFS do u prefer ?!

NFS Carbon , Most Wanted , Undercover , Pro Street


Most Wanted absolutely rox !!! UB3R 1337


From those three I would pick Most Wanted :)


Underground 1,2 and Most Wanted :)


Need for Speed 2 on Playstation ;)


Underground 2


underground & most Wanted


NFS Undercover & Carbon !!!


most wanted is d' best.


carbon of me is best


most wanted


NFS Underground, Most Wanted. its for me the best.

the ProStreet if you have a Turbo installed in the car and you have a G25 wheel your boost if you change gear without taking off the throtlle thats insane. ^^


I really like underground 2 as an arcade racer. For sim i play rfactor.




I played Underground a LOT, but I prefer Most Wanted


Nfs Mw..and Nfs Underground 2 :D


hot persuit :)


Most Wanted , Undercover


MW the best


Most Wanted better in town =)


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