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What DotA contents do you want?

I hope some of you noticed that the DotA content part is alive again now (yada yada), so while I already have some ideas on my own I still wanted to ask the readers, what kind of DotA contents would you like to see more at SK-Gaming? Coverages, scene news, articles, interviews, SK.DotA insights, what? Express your preferences so we'll know what to work on the most and we'll try to make it happen :)


Maybe some interviews with SK DotA players.


for interviews it would be good to see some interesting iviews, having more than the usual in it =]! Lets really get to know these DotA players, see what makes them tick =]


Would be cool to see some vids of them too. Like the fragbite movies of lan coverage, or just some nice action vids.


hm... Wanted to C everything posiible but for my own want to see more replays, interviews and photos)


I really liked the more indepth interview with sk (after their win vs mym). But you could ask more specific questions:
1. Which heroes where removed and why (qop, sk, lina? magna?)
2. Why do you have to have Sylabear instead of a "good lane" + solo zeus. Or Is really syla needed for that push strat. To me It semeed a hero with a slow/stun would do some good things (like dazzle, still fits in the push team).
3. In what order did you pick the team and do you think mym was quick to adept with their picks?
4. How is that strat working vs a shaker? Have to be painfull or does it just suck? (or was it removed)


I'd personally like better coverage on all the important leagues / lans being played ... which means brackets, replays etc... ( I cannot stress out enough how brackets are important in a coverage )

Maybe a feature with the top 10-20 best teams in the world, interviews with players/captains ...

Also a ranking like gotfrag did a while ago of the best dota players in the World ( the one where vigoss was first ) with interviews / best replays etc.

Cheers :D


Oh also maybe figure out a way to have the best dota teams in the world use SK-gaming for example... I can't find any profile of vigoss, H4nn1, Merlini etc etc :D

Try to improve the way the dota community communicates ( other than IHCS's mIRC channels for example )

Have some SK.dota players post threads on the dota forum etc ...


replays (cw,mix,pub), setups (inc hotkeys)


more insight of the sk.dota team.
international tournaments are already covered well by other sites, but those site also lack of indepth news of specific teams and players.

some interviews with the sk.dota players along with replays(maybe some inhouse replays, not only the usual league wars) and videos.

what happend with the anounced loda replay pack anyway, i was really looking forward to it.

good to hear, that finally SK takes care of their dota division :)


we always cared, expecially me :) thank you all for your suggestions! (nice to read that blatty is playing dota!)


Is anyone interested in Asian events like the undergoing Asian DotA Championship? If yes, I will try to upload as many replays from regular season as possible.


Why not? DotA is DotA no matter who plays it :P


id rather say that the dota-section needs some general scene coverage and more info about tourneys aswell...
since the the community is steadily evolving it wld be nice if we had some general or strategy tip section where we either cld ask the players for help or they post different guides as they have some free time... wld appreciate that ;)


well maly started a "ask sk dota" a few months ago but no one showed interest :& if others would like to ask tips & tricks or just gossip we could try again tho


wld like that very much ;)
thx for the offer




Actually, that isn't a bad idea :D. But it's very difficult to shoutcast a dota match, it's not like in cs where & guy takes down 5 guys and you can simply say "aced" or "tripled" or whatever. I think it's impossible to say exactly what happened in a teambattle of 2-3s, 5vs5. 10 Heroes spamming their spells all over the place, so it would require a great dota insight of both shoutcaster and public. But nevertheless it's a damn good proposal!


I want replays of you guys playing heroes not often used in clanwars. Maybe a Pit Lord/Alchemist replay? :ooo


I'll try to upload some replays of me using heroes not often used in cws then, what about n'aix? ^^




Tripple bump -.-


lewl! What does bump mean? xD


short for "bring up my post"


wow I didnt know that =/ Ashun is king of the e-lingo of forums :D


you need bumps & vouches to get into some secret inhouse dota communities ^^


Bump (Internet), raising a thread's profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads


When you want to raise the topic for it to be top of the list, like "last answered"


Hero build ups ->early ->mid ->late


It'd be nice if there was some way to get the hero ban and pick list and order in the description of the replay.


hmz, maybe, a good guide subject would be 'getaways' as in forrest pathways. Last hitting/Denying guide sounds a bit lame :D




I think guides are usually made for community websites destined to making them, usually by non-professional players. That's just my opinion, though ;)

And, I think there's a bit of a lack of interviews here


IMO you should end that articles
with the SK players
you stopped on the fourth i think ;x


edit: nvm 5 month old post -.-


Remove DotA from the world x)~


I prefer articles, something like articles in gotfrag, but they are history :( ; I want new ones




More guides, people can and will always benefit from guides made by good dota players. Guides by the players of SK themselves would be great.

Replays and interviews would also be great.


I want erm...featured girl gamer of the month! =P


wow o.O


Interview with the players!


i thing put video about sk players play in front computer...from that we can know how n style of pro play a cs,DotA...


Replays , not sure but think those on site are for diferent patch of wc3. Got no clue what to do :P using MYMreplay center atm


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